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Using data can benchmark impartially performances and help decision makers. Data should never be ‘the answer’ but its use can be very powerful in helping clubs analyse and monitor performance and understand the effects of different decisions.

Head Coach Search Platform

We track over 1,000 teams, and 10,000 coaches in various leagues across the world. Automated systems track each team’s performances over the time each coach was at each club in order to assess the impact they made, whether each club improved over their tenure, and by how much. We then aggregate this over multiple clubs to see if a coach is consistently improving performance.

Season Analysis Platform

We are constantly monitoring clubs performance in leagues across Europe, running simulations of the entire season to assess the likelihood of all outcomes for all teams. Our bespoke team platform allows stakeholders to set targets for their team for the upcoming season. We then monitor and assess performance on an ongoing basis relative to these targets - giving users full overview of the teams prospects in their dashboard and helping inform decisions on when and how to act.

This online dashboard is updated daily, allowing users to measure and benchmark performance beyond the simple points that are seen in the league table.

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Bespoke Performance Analysis

Sports4Cast work with World Rugby providing bespoke analysis and information for various stakeholders in the organisation on a range of projects.


Sports4Cast work with World Rugby using our unique rankings and predictions software developed for Rugby4Cast to provide them with an accurate metric for tracking team strength, forecasts for international tournaments, and other bespoke pieces of analysis. Our bespoke rankings system can allow team strength to be accurately monitored over time, allowing for the effect of investments made in the game to be quantified.


This allows them to plan and develop emerging nations in their aim as custodians to grow the global game.

Our predictions software allows the chances of success for each team to be forecast ahead of time, which combined with the above rankings allows stakeholders to be able say ‘Investment in the game has led to a nation’s chances at the upcoming World Cup improving by X%’.

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